Introducing the latest version of the World’s Most Sophisticated Lone Worker Protection System

Prioritising protection,
without compromising comfort

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We Believe Everyone Deserves to Feel Safe

Lone workers carry out isolated and dangerous tasks on our behalf. And often, for their own safety, they are given phone apps, basic dongles or radio systems that have barely advanced in capability over the last decade. We wanted to change that, and by working closely with global partners and some of the world’s largest organisations, we committed ourselves to designing the world’s most sophisticated lone worker protection system.

Launched in May 2022, we would like to introduce you to the latest version of our Lone Worker Belt System. Forged from years of experience, this practical, sophisticated and intelligent system will transform the way that workers operate, ensuring their safety across a range of hazardous and difficult environments.

So if the safety of your workers really matters to you, step into the future and contact us now for more information.

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Innovative Design, Delivering Advanced Protection, Ease of Use, and Unparalleled Comfort

Discreet and comfortable ergonomic design

Automatic activation when the belt is latched

Does not require user activation in an emergency

Low power consumption & long battery life

User interaction via dedicated buttons, LED’s, haptic feedback, & audio

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Key Features

Worlds Most Sophisticated
Alert System

  • 3D multi-axis gyroscope and accelerometer offering 5 different (configurable) automatic movement and fall alerts
  • User activated ‘Amber alert’ warning for ‘at risk’ notification
  • Automatic ‘Pre-alert’ mode to completely eliminate false alerts
  • Fully automatic ‘Alert’ mode that activates and answers incoming voice calls, makes outgoing voice calls, sends emergency notifications and location data without any need for user intervention
  • Ergonomic large ‘Panic’ button for manual activation of ‘Alert’ mode – always in the same place in the middle of the waist
  • ‘Silent’ alert mode to reduce the risk of any aggression or confrontation against the wearer
  • Automatic audio warnings for significant user events, including low battery, incoming call, amber warning, pre-alert mode, alert mode, panic button pressed, no phone signal etc.
  • Automatic or manually activated 90dB Siren sound for locating the wearer in difficult environments or during evacuation from buildings
  • Compact multi-layered system providing indoor and outdoor live tracking data using a combination of GPS/GNSS/GSM/Wi-Fi and BLE tag technologies
  • Up to 1 week battery life

Simple to Set Up and
Ultra Safe

  • No On/Off button – just latch it and go!
  • Comfortable enough to be forgotten about once it is being worn – just 170 grams
  • Works even when the wearer is incapacitated or unconscious
  • Always with you and easily available – can’t be dropped, accidentally left somewhere or stuffed away in a pocket or a bag
  • Fully automated system with multiple set up options
  • Automatic call handling for both incoming and outgoing voice calls
  • Automatic fall and motion detection that can be configured for every type of profession and risk
  • Audio, haptic and LED user feedback to optimise the user experience
  • Full audit trail report – including when the belt was put on and removed by the wearer  – reducing the risk of Corporate Manslaughter charges against your organisation.

Incorporates Advanced Technology
For Total Peace of Mind

    • Advanced Assisted GNSS system including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BeiDou for outdoor location
    • Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi system for indoor tracking
    • Gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer for 3D freefall detection for advanced fall and event detection with auto-alert
    • 2G/3G/4G/LTE multi-operator mobile phone system
    • Full voice capability with automatic call answering
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK for optimum quality

Suitable for Lone Workers Across a Wide Range of Sectors Including:






Forestry & Agriculture



All the Support You Need

Dedicated web-based user interface to monitor and protect your staff

Can be used as a stand-alone device with only local business or family support

Option to choose full 24-hour ARC monitoring center support


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